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A real example of our work with an Italian Company

The Client

Legnomat is an Italian company of home furniture. The Clients of this company are high profile people, the quality of their products is very high and the designs are unique. The company was attracting the wrong audience, so we had to find a solution for this problem.

The Problem

Without realizing it, the Company was attracting the wrong people to their shop for many reasons. First of all, their website looked old, which suggested a poor quality and didn't make the Company look important.

The Results

After our restyling of their image on the web, the Company has started to receive the attention from the right niche of Clients.

What we did

Web With Styled took care of the entire image of the Company Legnomat. We restyled their website, increased their presence on the social media and updated the old informations that appeared on the websites that talked about this Company.

The Website

We understood that this Company was one of a kind, and we wanted to highlight its unicity and its points of strength. So we designed a more modern and clean website.

Social Media

We also managed the Company's Instagram account, updating regularly the content. The account grew from 200 to 1000 followers in just few weeks, and most importantly, the people who followed Legnomat on Instagram were truly interested in their products.

The Design

Legnomat is a company that produces  customized home furniture. It’s a 40 years old company and its Team includes Architects, Designers and joinery workers. 

We opted for a design that reminds the Architecture. It includes lines while maintaining a minimal aesthetic. 

The images that we chose to display in the website are the ones that best represent the Company. 

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